Dj Araf

Dj Araf

Dj Araf

Name: Arafath Hussain (Dj Araf)
Other name: Dj Araf, Araf, Dj Arafath
Birth Place: Bangladesh
Address: 4 no Hemendra Das Road, Banglabazar, Sutrapur, Dhaka- 1100.
Profession: Professional Disc Jockey
Height: 6’1″
Born: 22 Sep 1989
Citizenship: Bangladeshi
Education: Hons
Language: Bangla
Genre: Dirty Dutch, Progressive house and Electro, Tribal
Played Since: 2009
Favorite person: My Mom
Favorite DJs: Skrillex, Hardwell

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Exclusive Interview Of Dj Araf

  • Whats your full name?

– Arafat hussain.

  • Whats your favorite tune right now?

– Avicii levels.

  • What is your favorite genre?

– Dirty Dutch, Progressive house and Electro, tribal.

  • How did you get into music?

– I always like to sink on music and also I was a drummer, and after that some of my brothers inspire me about DJing and it begins.

  • What are your favorite hardware or software tools?

– I’d like to use CDJ-900 with DJM-850 and for production its FL Studio.

  • If you could travel in the time machine, which year would like and why?

– Well if its about time machine I’d like to go those years when I was a kid, That was the awesome time I’ve ever spent yet.

  • Describe the style of music you play and produce?

– Basically I like to play Bootleg Electro House, Dirty Dutch and Also Original Mix.

  • Did you start out as a DJ or Music Producer?

– As a DJ.

  • Which song that you have made is best by your own opinion?

– Well I think Its “Get Back by Alexandra Stan”.

  • What equipment did you use when you started making your music?

– Its Fruity Loops Studio’11.

  • One thing you would like to change about yourself?

– Nothing to Change yet.

  • What do you think about the use of drugs in the DJ party?

– Well Its totally personal but It Shouldn’t be on Party.

  • Where do you learn djing?

– From the website and self study.

  • Do you work as a DJ on fulltime?

– No, Often.

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