Dj Hid

DJ Hid

DJ Hid

Name: Mohammad Wahid Anwar
Other Name: Hid Anwar, DJ Hid
Birth place: Bangladesh
Address: 4/1 Kabiraj Lane, Layal Street, Dhaka – 1100
Profession: Professional Disc Jockey
Height: 5 feet 8 inch
Born: 6th June, 1996
Citizenship: Bangladeshi
Education: Studying at BMAR Rifles college
Language: Bangla
Genre: Trance, Progressive, Electro
Played since: 2010
Favorite person: I, me & myself
Favorite DJ’s: Armin Van Burren, W&W, Skrillex, R3hab, Hardwell, Dannic, Dash Berlin

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Exclusive Interview Of Dj Hid

Whats your full name?
-Mohammad Wahid Anwar
Whats your favorite tune right now?
-Favorite tune right now “Lethal Industry”..
What is your favorite genre?
-Trance, Progressive House, Electro House, Acid House, Winky Dubstep, Trap..
How did you get into music?
-I get into music inspired by my elder brother Hamid(DJ MiD)..
What are your favorite hardware or software tools?
-Favorite software is FL Studio, and excited to use Ableton..
If you were a super hero, what super power would you want and why?
-If i were a super hero, i will want to get the power to make everyone smile, cause its the only thing that makes our mind and heart more powerful and fearless..
Describe the style of music you play and produce?
-I love to play my freestyle mixing part, its just like the full package of different genre..
Did you start out as a DJ or Music Producer?
-I had start out as a music producer..
Which song that you have made is best by your own opinion?
-Still don’t have done any song, but remixed tracks in my life.. And i think my mix of “Jao pakhi bolo tare (Progressive Trance) is one of the best remix track i have made..
What equipment did you use when you started making your music?
-Many equipments used by me but in DAW..
Can you give us a crazy, funny tour story?
-One year ago, i went to an interview for a telefilms music scrolling.. There i was just amazed and met some wise musicians and knew alot of new things and methods from them..
Where do you learn djing?
-I have learnt DJing all by myselfm. in this case, my brother helped me to get it more better and easier..
Do you work as a DJ on fulltime??
-I work as a DJ but not on fulltime..
Share something about yourself…
-I love to be simple, because simple is better in every way of life. I don’t want to get hurt and don’t ever hurted anyone.. I always wanted to be an engineer, and now i have take the decision that i will become a sound engineer.. Finally, i am ready to got the word “Engineer” 🙂

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