Dj Kazim

Dj Kazim

Dj Kazim

Name: Syed Ali Kazim Zaman
Other name: Dj Kazim, Kazim ( Kaz )
Birth Place: Bangladesh
Address: 27 Rajani Chowdhury Road , Gandaria , Dhaka -1204
Profession: Professional Disc Jockey
Height: 5’6″
Born: 7th September 1990
Citizenship: Bangladeshi
Education: Studying BBA & Hotel Management
Language: Bangla & English
Genre: EDM, Trance, Dubstep & Chillout
Played Since: 2006
Favorite person: Prophet(S:)
Favorite DJs: David Guetta

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Exclusive Interview Of Dj Kazim

  • Whats your full name?

-My name is Syed Ali Kazim Zaman.

  • Whats your favorite tune right now?

-My favorite tune is Trance & Dubstep cause they gives a ”Touchy” feeling in the depth of my heart.

  • What is your favorite genre?

-My favorite genre is Trance, Dubstep and Electro cause Trance make me feel like I’m alive, Dubstep gives a rhythm to my body and Electro makes me feel like the king of the world.

  • How did you get into music?

-Music is not just only my passion, it is in my blood. I am from a Music loving family and it influenced me.

  • What are your favorite hardware or software tools?

-My favorite hardware Pioneer CDJ 900 & My favorite software tools nexus & NI

  • If you could travel in the time machine, which year would you like and why?

-If i could travel in time machine I would like to bring back this year over and over. Cause I love how the musicians are giving life to music nowadays.

  • Describe the style of music you play and produce?

-I play almost every kind of music. Particularly, Electro House, Trance and Dubstep. Well about producing, I produce EDM, Dubstep, Trance and Chill Out.

  • Did you start out as a DJ or Music Producer?

-I start out as a DJ long ago. After few years I got a break to become a Producer. My first produced song was ”World Hold On (K.A.Z Remix)”. I got a lot of vote by the listeners for my “Nitol Paye Withou You” Mashup in the year 2012. After getting a hilarious amount of response I Produced several versions of the Same song and got elected in the Top list again.

  • Which song that you have made is best by your own opinion?

-My best creation is ”Zedd – Spectrum ( Kaz.Kazim Remix )”. Because I add my heart and its feelings with the beats that flows with the rhythm of the song. It’s full version is on the way. I’ve released its Promo version in Beatport and Soundcloud.

  • What equipment did you use when you started making your music?

-I use Midi, bunch of musical software and my soul.

  • One thing you would like to change about yourself?

-Yeah I’d like to draw all of my attention towards Music. Because I am a Music Freak.

  • What do you think about the use of drugs in the DJ party?

-My perspective about Drug is offensive since I was a kid. I’ve seen a lot of people dying because of drugs. But it is a matter of great sorrow that lately it has became a synonym of ”Party” because of some people. Drug kills the enjoyment and decepline in Parties.

  • Where do you learn djing?

-To be honest, I was my only teacher but I learned music from my family.

  • Do you work as a DJ on fulltime?

-I used to worked as a Professional DJ on fulltime from 2008 to 2010. I also used to be the In charge of the ”SHEQ Group of DJs”. But in the beggining of 2011 i got busy in folding some personal matters. Well nothing could keep me away from music. I return with my full potential in the year 2012.

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