Dj Rajon

dj rajon

Name: Rajon (Dj Rajon)
Other name: Dj Rajon, X-rajon deejay
Birth Place: Bangladesh
Address: 1435/A khilgaon,Dhaka
Profession: Professional Disc Jockey
Height: 5’6″
Born: 01-10-1989
Citizenship: Bangladeshi
Education: BBA
Language: Bangla
Genre: Dutch and Electro
Played Since: 2006
Favorite person: Mother
Favorite DJs: X-rajon deejay
About: Dj Rajon (X-rajon deejay) the owner and CEO of no remix maker dj training house. He always think some different. He always wish to all that life is short so keep honesty, go ahead and shine your life. Dj Rajon was the official dj of Fu-Wang Club.

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Exclusive Interview Of Dj Rajon

  • What’s your full name?

– Md. Kamrul Islam Rajon.

  • What’s your favorite tune right now?

– Rain Over Me.

  • What is your favorite genre?

– Electro and Dutch.

  • How did you get into DJing?

– Popularity.

  • If you could travel in the time machine, which year would like and why?

– 2010. coz many success in life.

  • Describe the style of music you play and produce?

– Something different.

  • Exactly what means EDM to you?

– No comments.

  • One thing you would like to change about yourself?

– Politics in djing.

  • Do you think Djing is related with drugs?

– No.

  • What advice or tips would you give a young deejay?

– Thinking for own but not another person.

  • Where do you learn djing?

– No house.

  • What is the best part of life as a deejay?

– Playing in club.

  • Do you work as a DJ on fulltime?

– No.

  • What are your thoughts about the future?

– Dj sector(bd) without politics.