Dj Rita

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Name: Dj Rita
Other name: Dj Rita, Rita
Birth Place: Bangladesh
Profession: Professional Disc Jockey
Citizenship: Bangladeshi
Language: Bangla
Genre: Tribal House, Electro House, Minimal, Live Jamming, percuation, Progerassive House, Retro, Mash Up Beats, Club Commercial, Bollywood Beats
Played Since: 2005
Favorite person:
Favorite DJs:
Dj Rita is the first female DJ of dance music in Bangladesh.
Ideology of life to ” Live Like A Super Star”
She believe that imagination is more important than knowledge.
DJ Rita is without doubt the “The first female DJ of dance music in Bangladesh”choosing DJ as a career is a challenging job for girls in Bangladesh, though she refuses to bow down and sculpting her cues, bars, experimenting different styles of mixing, sensing musical pulse of the people turned her into a DJ.
As a youngster Rita was always a fan of Dance music and continued in preparing herself from early teens. Due to very less opportunities and resources available in Bangladesh for girls,it took her a quiet long time to get prepared but without any hesitation she kept on trying and however her love affair with music and passion for this profession developed more when finally her family persuaded her to jump on the other side of the decks and learn the crafts of a DJ.
After finishing her studies- it was time for her to get back to her dream job. In 2005 she took things up a notch and turned professional. she continues her journey seeking new sounds and venues ready to showcase her talent.
Rita combines glamor, elegance, and sophistication on the decks with her charismatic music sense n incredible sense of MC – you cannot fail to be seduced by her.

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