Dj Sneha

Dj Sneha

Dj Sneha

Name: Dj Sneha
Other name: Dj Sneha, Sneha, Snigdha chowdhury
Birth Place: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Address: Mirpur, Dhaka
Profession: Professional Disc Jockey
Height: 5 feet 2 inches
Born: 13/11/90
Citizenship: Bangladeshi
Education: BCom in Management
Language: Bangla
Genre: Dutch, Electro & Trance
Played Since: 2010
Favorite person: My mother
Favorite DJs: VDJ prince & DJ Meraz(MNR)

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Exclusive Interview Of Dj Sneha

  • What’s your full name?


  • What’s your favorite tune right now?

– Session tunes

  • What is your favorite genre?


  • What are your favorite hardware or software tools?

– CDJ1000 MK2 + DJM600 & fl STUDIO 11

  • How did you get into DJing?

– Attending different club parties in BD with friends.

  • If you could travel in the time machine, which year would like and why?

– 2010, bcoz…

  • Can you give us a crazy, funny tour story?

– Can’t share ,coz long story.

  • Do you cook?

– Sometimes

  • Your favorite foods?

– Fast foods

  • Describe the style of music you play?

– I mostly play DUTCH, close to funky. Its a sub part of UK GARAGE.

  • What do you think about the use of drugs in the DJ party?

– DRUGS AND DJ PARTY are two different things.

  • Where do you learn djing?

– MNR(Music Of New rhythm)-A House of professional DJ’s

  • What is the best part of life as a deejay?

– When m playing and standing in front of my audience and fans.

  • Do you work as a DJ on fulltime?

– No. Its ma passion and hobby.

  • What are your thoughts about the future?

– I only believe in present.

  • Share something about yourself…

– I started my career as a DJ on DJ MERAZ’s “MNR” from 2010. I am working officially with “INNOVATIVE PLAN”. I am committed to every aspect of my show and you are guaranteed a party night beyond your expectations.