Dj Tanny

DJ tanny

Name: Sadia Islam Tanny
Other name: Dj Tanny, Tanny
Birth Place: Bangladesh
Profession: Professional Disc Jockey
Born: June 5, 1994
Citizenship: Bangladeshi
Education: Holy Cross Collage
Language: Bangla
Genre: Electro house, Progressive electro house, Funky house, Dutch house
Played Since: 2009
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Promising DJ Tanny was practicing DJ for a while but she started working professionally from the year 2009. She was influenced by her own passion and devotion towards music industry. As she’s been working with those renowned & legend DJ’s in Dhaka. Now she is recognized as a Professional DJ of Bangladesh.
Even tough DJ Tanny was exercising DJ for a while but she began operating expertly from the season 2009. She was affected by her own interest and commitment towards songs. As she is been dealing with those well known & tale DJ’s in Dhaka, now she is acknowledged as a Expert DJ.
With a long term aim and passion and by her live performances you will figure out that Tanny’s performances getting better and better gradually. With a DJ that’s committed to every aspect of her show, you are guaranteed a party night beyond your expectations!
TANNY started her DJ career with DJ rahat’s “GARAGE” – The DJ Repairing House. Now a day, she is known as one of the Best DJ in Bangladesh and also a Music composer, as she is now working with Rajib Rahman double “r”. Currently she is working on her 1st Official album, which is going to release soon. DJ Tanny is mostly popular for her track selection of the crowd of the generation choice.
Tanny abilities as a DJ lie beyond basically conventional well-known songs and increase to and consist of Electronica house, Modern electro house, Trendy house, Netherlander house, Rut and cold funk/house, Home, Expert songs, Vintage, Bollywood visits, Bangla, all. Tanny performs songs according what she prefers and also what grabs the interest of the Crowd.
Suitable and experienced for all types of functions, including: corporate party, commercial party, clubs party, themed nights and official parties too. DJ TANNY has successfully performed at many places in Bangladesh.
DJ TANNY has efficiently conducted at many locations in Bangladesh.

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